I 2016 gjorde Helga Synnevåg Løvåll ferdig sin doktoroppgave. Den fulle tittelen er: Inside the Outdoor Experience. On the distinction between pleasant and interesting feelings and their implication in the motivational process.

Oppgaven tar ikke utgangspunkt i en rehabiliteringssituasjon, men følger 64 studenter på tur for å studere deres naturopplevelse nærmere. Her er et utdrag av sammendraget:

Inspired by the functional well-being approach (Vittersø, 2013a, 2013b), this study set out to explore the distinction between hedonic and eudaimonic dimensions of feeling states to understand more about the variety and richness of experiences in the outdoors. Sixty-four first-year students of a combined sports- and outdoor bachelor education were followed over three semesters to identify the qualities of hiking experiences and the influence of these experiences on intrinsic motivation and choice between future sport education or outdoor education. Two hiking experiences were a compulsory part of the program: A three-day coastal hike, including camping and practical seamanship, and a three-day skiing hike in the mountains in the wintertime, including training on safety in potential snow avalanche areas.

Hele oppgaven kan lastes ned fra websidene til universitetet i Bergen (PDF – 934,7 kb)


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